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Reinventing Regulation Within the Corporation

Source: (2000) Administration & Society. 32(5): 529-565.Compliance-oriented regulation should be understood as a holistic approach to regulatory design, implementation, monitoring, and enforcement in which the guiding principle is the achievement ... READ MORE

Restorative Justice in Business Regulation? The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Use of EnforceableUndertakings

Source: (2002) Paper presented at the Competition and Property Rights Workshop. Centre For Competition and Consumer Policy (RegNet) and the National Institute of Government and Law. Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. 15-16 August... READ MORE

"Restorative justice is republican justice."

Source: (1999) In Restorative juvenile justice: Repairing the harm of youth crime, ed. Gordon Bazemore and Lode Walgrave, 103-126. With an introduction by Gordon Bazemore and Lode Walgrave. Monsey, NY: Criminal Justice Press.Braithwaite and Parker... READ MORE