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The Transforming Power of VORP.

Source: (2005) VORP News 25(7, November): 1-2. Fresno, California: Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) of the Central Valley, Inc. Downloaded 19 December 2005.In this short article, a mediator recounts the power of VORP in a specific case. READ MORE

Creating a Restorative Discipline System: Restorative Justice in Schools

Source: (2004) The Fourth R: Newsletter of the Education Section (Association for Conflict Resolution). Winter: 9-12. Downloaded 31 March 2005.Schools, it seems, take their on how to deal with misbehavior from the criminal justice system. The basi... READ MORE

Two Useful Models for Implementing Restorative Justice

Source: (2004) ACResolution. Summer. 3(4): 34-35. Downloaded 12 January 2005.I came into this field after being a teacher of mathematics. Patterns and models are important to me. When reading Getting Disputes Resolved by Ury, Brett, and Goldberg, ... READ MORE

Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence Resolution in Thailand

Source: (2004) Voma Connections no. 17 (Summer): 1, 9-16. Downloaded 15 September 2004.The research findings reported in this article reveal that parents, relatives, and neighbors are the important persons whom the spouses think of whenever they f... READ MORE

Thailand Trip Report

Source: (2004) Fresno, California: Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies, Fresno Pacific University. Downloaded 21 May 2004.In this document, Ron Claassen, director of the Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies at Fresno Pacific Univers... READ MORE

First Restorative Justice Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel, May 1-2, 2002

Source: (2002) VOMA Connections no. 11 (Summer): 5.In early May 2002 Ron Claassen, Director of the Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies at Fresno Pacific University (Fresno, California), was a guest speaker at the First Restorative Justice ... READ MORE

The Restorative Justice Framework For Fresno: Progress Report

Source: (2002) Fresno, CA: Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies. Fresno Pacific University. Downloaded 2 October 2003.The Restorative Justice Committee in Fresno, California, consists of Ron Claassen (Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Stu... READ MORE

A Peacemaking Model: A Biblical Perspective

Source: (2003) Fresno: Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies. Downloaded 5 May 2003Building upon his prior paper – “A Peacemaking Model" – Ron Claassen extends his development of a peacemaking model for dealing with conflict, wrongdoin... READ MORE