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Victim-Offender Mediation: Three Decades of Practice and Research.

Source: (2004) Conflict Resolution Quarterly. 22(1-2): 279-303.The outcome variables assessed in the studies under review include participants’ satisfaction, variously reported as satisfaction with their meeting, with the program, with the agre... READ MORE

The Practice of Victim Offender Mediation: A Look at the Evidence

Source: (2008) In Shoham, Shlomo Giora, Ori Beck and Martin Kett, ed., International Handbook of Penology and Criminal Justice, Florida, USA, Taylor & Francis Group. Pp. 691-708."Mark S. Umbreit, Robert B. Coates, and Betty Vos give us an in-depth... READ MORE

The Impact of Victim-Offender Mediation: Two Decades of Research.

Source: (2004) In Peter C. Kratcoski, ed., Correctional Counseling and Treatment, 5th ed. Long Grove, Illinois: Waveland Press, Inc. Pp. 86-99.Innovation and reform in criminal justice often suggest more than they deliver. Sometimes an innovation ... READ MORE

Why Victims Choose to Meet with Offenders

Source: (2004) VOMA Connections no. 18 (Fall): 1, 10-12. Downloaded 3 May 2005.Victim offender mediation and conferencing has been adopted in numerous criminal justice jurisdictions in the United States and abroad (Umbreit, 2001). It has become a ... READ MORE

Restorative Justice Systemic Change: The Washington County Experience.

Source: (2004) Federal Probation. 68(3):16-23.Organizational change is rarely easy, particularly when it must occur in a large organization marked by political agendas, such the American correctional system. Since the 1980's, the correctional and ... READ MORE

Why Victims Choose to Meet With Offenders

Source: (2004) Offender Programs Report. 8(4):49, 55-57.The data-collection period covered 10 months of program activity, from January through October 2002. Forty-one of the 146 adult victims in the referral pool were interviewed. Of these 41 vict... READ MORE