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Integrating Victims in Restorative Youth Justice

Source: (2005) Bristol, UK: The Policy Press."This research reports the findings of an evaluation of the work of the Restorative Justice Team (RJ Team) within the Leeds Youth Offending Service (YOS) with regard to victim involvement and input into... READ MORE

Involving Lay People in Criminal Justice

Source: (2004) Criminology & Public Policy. 3(4): 101-111. Downloaded 31 March 2005.Despite the contemporary academic and policy interest surrounding restorative and community justice, rigorous and extensive evaluations of initiatives are only rec... READ MORE

In the Hands of the Public?

Source: (2002) Relational Justice Bulletin. Issue 13: 6-8. Downloaded 14 May 2003.As noted at the beginning of this article, the United Kingdom has seen a radical transformation in relations between the public and the state with regard to criminal... READ MORE