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Seeing the Child, Restoring the Citizen: Restorative Justice in South Carolina.

Source: (2005) London, England: Restorative Justice Consortium. Downloaded 23 August 2005.So it was with some relief that I encountered the Juvenile Arbitration Program in Charleston, a mechanism for diverting from custody those children who plead... READ MORE

They Didn't Even Look at Me.

Source: (2002) Relational Justice Bulletin. Issue 13: 4-5. Downloaded 14 May 2003.The prison population in general is at a high risk for attempted suicide. Histories of drug abuse, neglect, fractured relationships, sex abuse, and bullying are com... READ MORE

Reflections on the New Zealand Way

Source: Restorative Justice Consortium. Downloaded 10 June 2004.During her three-week stay in New Zealand, Diana Medlicott saw first hand the growing progress of restorative justice programs in the country. She met with professionals who were comm... READ MORE