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Conventional and innovative justice responses to sexual violence.

Source: (2011) ACSSA Issues. No. 12. Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault.Despite 30 years of significant change to the way the criminal justice system responds to sexual violence, conviction rates have gone down in Australia, Canada... READ MORE

Girls, Peer Violence, and Restorative Justice.

Source: (2008) The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology. 41(1):109-137.Drawing on the South Australia Juvenile Justice (SAJJ) project dataset, this article analyses youth peer violence ('punch-ups') with a focus on girl-on-girl assaul... READ MORE

Restorative Justice and Youth Violence toward Parents

Source: (2009) New York: Oxford University Press.It is crucial to situate current debates on the appropriateness of restorative justice for partner, sexual, or family violence with a clear sense of what women like Carolyn face. Her son’s assault... READ MORE

Judicial Censure and Moral Communication to Youth Sex Offenders

Source: (2008) Justice Quarterly. Vol. 25, Issue 3:496-522.This paper analyzes the frequency and content of judicial censure and moral communication in the sentencing of youth sex offenders. Drawing on the sentencing remarks for 55 sexual violence... READ MORE

Youth Sex Offenders in Court: An Analysis of Judicial Sentencing Remarks

Source: (2007) Punishment and Society. Vol. 9, Issue 4:371-394This paper builds on an archival study of 385 sexual offence cases, which were disposed in court and by conference and formal caution, in South Australia from 1995 to 2001. Drawing on t... READ MORE

What Does a Modernised Justice System Mean to Women

Source: (2005) Victims Support Agency Forum, Melbourne Town Hall.The author asks the question "is there a place for restorative justice as an appropriate or additional pathway for violent crimes against women and children?" and she answers it with... READ MORE

Entries and Endings: Victims’ Journeys with Justice

Source: (2008) Victims and Mediation.I explore a complex set of relationships between the initial distress caused by crime, what I term the real offence (a more precise set of categories that depict the offence), and victim recovery and lingering ... READ MORE

Restorative Justice for Victims of Sexual Assault

Source: (-0001) In, Karen Heimer and Candace Kruttschnitt, eds., Gender and Crime: Patterns of Victimization and Offending. New York: New York University Press. pp. 230-265.This article analyzes the use of restorative justice (RJ) practices in cas... READ MORE