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Situating Restorative Justice within Criminal Justice.

Source: (2006) Theoretical Criminology. 10(4):505-532.Drawing from the evaluation of three major restorative justice schemes in England and Wales, the article considers the theoretical implications for process and outcomes of situating restorati... READ MORE

Staging restorative justice encounters against a criminal justice backdrop: A dramaturgical analysis.

Source: (2007) Criminology and Criminal Justice. 7(1):5-32.Drawing from an ongoing evaluation of three major restorative justice schemes in England and Wales, the article employs a dramaturgical perspective to examine a number of process issues ... READ MORE

Victim in Restorative Justice.

Source: (2007) In, Sandra Walklate, et. al, editors, Handbook of Victims and Victimology. Cullumpton and Portland: Willan Publishing. PP. 309-331.The chapter begins with consideration of why the term "restorative justice" has proven so difficult t... READ MORE

Juvenile justice, criminal courts and restorative justice

Source: (2007) in, Gerry Johnstone and Daniel W. Van Ness, eds., Handbook of Restorative Justice. Cullompton, Devon: Willan Publishing. pp. 269-291"The aim of this chapter is to explore the variety of ways in which restorative justice may be used... READ MORE

Understanding Victims and Restorative Justice

Source: (2005) Maidenhead, England: Open University Press.Although restorative justice claims to include all those affected by wrongdoing in responding to crime, it has been criticized as being too offender focused. In this book, restorative justi... READ MORE

Implementing Restorative Justice Schemes (Crime Reduction Programme): A Report on the First Year

Source: (2004) London: Great Britain Home Office Research Development and Statistics Directorate Information and Publications Group. Downloaded 23 August 2004.Beginning April 2001, the Home Office granted funding to three new, or expanded, restora... READ MORE

Youth Justice in Great Britain

Source: (2004) Crime and Justice. 31: 21-183.The English and Scottish youth justice systems share a commitment to preventive as opposed to retributive goals, but pursue them in sharply contrasting ways. In Scotland, a unified welfare-based system,... READ MORE

Reparation, Retribution, and Rights

Source: (2002) Ch. 7.5 In, Andrew von Hirsch and Andrew Ashworth, eds., Principled Sentencing. Readings on Theory and Policy. Oxford: Hart Publishing. P. 348-358.At the outset of this article, Cavadino and Dignan assert their belief that it is pos... READ MORE