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Interfaces between Formal and Informal Justice Systems to Strengthen Access to Justice by Disadvantaged People

Source: (2003) Paper presented at the PRACTICE IN ACTION Workshop UNDP Asia-Pacific Rights and Justice Initiative.Ahungala, Sri Lanka, 19-21 November 2003Over the past four years I have undertaken extensive policy work in PNG directed at law and j... READ MORE

Restorative Justice in the Pacific Islands: An Introduction.

Source: (2003) In, Sinclair Dinnen, Anita Jowitt, and Tess Newton Cain, eds., A Kind of Mending: Restorative Justice in the Pacific Islands. Canberra, ACT: Pandanus Books. Pp. 1-34.In his introduction to this collection of essays, Sinclair Dinnen ... READ MORE

A Kind of Mending: Retorative Justice in the Pacific Islands

Source: (2003) Canberra, ACT: Pandanus Books.This collection of essays grew out of the conference ‘Restorative Justice and Conflict Management in the Pacific Islands’ hosted by the State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Project at Australi... READ MORE

"Restorative justice in Papua New Guinea."

Source: (1997) International Journal of the Sociology of Law 25(3): 245-262.Lawlessness and violence in many parts of Papua New Guinea (PNG) present a growing challenge to the authority of the state. State institutions charged with controlling cri... READ MORE

Building bridges-Law and justice reform in Papua New Guinea.

Source: (2001) Working paper 01/3. State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Project. Canberra: The Australian National University, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies.In response to problems of lawlessness in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Din... READ MORE

Criminal justice reform in Papua New Guinea

Source: (1998) NCDS Briefing Paper (May). Canberra: Australian National University, National Centre for Development StudiesExploring the prospects for criminal justice reform, Dinnen points to an increase in lawlessness and violence in many parts ... READ MORE