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Peace First, Justice Later: Traditional Justice in Northern Uganda

Source: (2005) Refugee Law Project Working Paper No. 17. Kampala, Uganda: Refugee Law ProjectThe following report seeks to engage in the current debate on issues of post-conflict reconstruction and appropriate mechanisms of justice within norther... READ MORE

Constraints: The Un-Doing of the Ugandan Truth Commission

Source: (2004) Human Rights Quarterly. 26: 401–427In the aftermath of a period of mass atrocity at the hands of the state, many societies struggle to find a way to repair the damage caused to the physical infrastructure in terms of things like r... READ MORE

Acknowledgement: The Road to Forgiveness

Source: (2003) Working Paper Series. Issue 03/1. Hamilton, ON: Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition. McMaster University. Downloaded 11 December 2003.In countries seeking to make the transition from a period of mass human rights viol... READ MORE