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Restorative Justice in Prisons. A Guide to Making it Happen

Source: (2006) Waterside Press, WinchesterThis book sets out to translate theory and fine words into mainstream practice. It will be of interest to a wide range of prison and RJ practitioners as well as other people such as judges, magistrates, po... READ MORE

Making Prisoners' Voices Matter

Source: (2004) Relational Justice Bulletin. 20: 4-5. Relationships Foundation. Downloaded 3 May 2005.A new study by the Prison Reform Trust, Having Their Say: The work of prisoner councils, advocates that prison forums should be expanded so that p... READ MORE

"Restorative justice in prison?"

Source: (1999) Prison Service Journal (May): 6-7.Edgar maintains that restorative justice can be practiced in prisons; in other words, prisons can actively pursue the restoration of offenders rather than retribution. Restorative practices could in... READ MORE