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The machinery of criminal justice.

Source: (2012) Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press.My suggestions for an individualized, participatory criminal justice system bear some resemblance to three recent criminal justice movements: victims’ rights, restorative justice, and... READ MORE

Restoration but also more justice.

Source: (2009) Scholarship at Penn Law. Paper 262.The problem, though, is restorative justice’s megalomaniacal ambition to sweep away the traditional goals and processes of criminal justice instead of merely supplementing them. To restorative ju... READ MORE

International idealism meets domestic-criminal-procedure realism.

Source: (2009) Scholarship at Penn Law. Paper 272.Though international criminal justice has developed into a flourishing judicial system over the last two decades, scholars have neglected institutional design and procedure questions. Internation... READ MORE

Transparency and Participation in Criminal Procedure.

Source: (2005) University of Pennsylvania Law School. Scholarship at Penn Law. Paper 85.The insiders who run the criminal justice system–judges, police, and especially prosecutors–have information, power, and self-interests that greatly influ... READ MORE

Integrating Remorse and Apology into Criminal Procedure

Source: (2004) Yale Law Journal. 114: 85-148.As Stephanos Bibas and Richard Bierschbach observe, remorse and apology are powerful forces in everyday life. Expressions of remorse and apology are required or ritualized in many spheres of life xe2x80... READ MORE