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Addressing Off-Campus Student Conduct with Restorative Justice.

Source: (2005) Conflict Management in Higher Education Report. 6(1), November. Campus Conflict Resolution Resources Project, Wayne State University, Michigan. Downloaded 5 December 2005.On a recent Saturday morning, 14 young people -- most of them... READ MORE

Pioneering Restorative Justice: A New Response to Urban Crime

Source: (1998) Cura Reporter. 28(2): 11. Center for Urban and Regional Planning, University of Minnesota.Through a historical sketch, discussion of theory, diagrams, and concrete examples, Gerard and Nelson describe a community conferencing progra... READ MORE

CCNP Community Conferencing

Source: (1998) Central City Neighborhoods Partnership. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Paper presented at the First North American Conference on Conferencing. Minneapolis, 6-8 August 1998.This paper reports on a Community Conferencing pilot program in an ... READ MORE

A Primer for Developing a Community Based Restorative Justice Model

Source: (1997) Central City Neighbourhoods Partenership.Gena Gerrard offers a short outline for creating a community based restorative justice program. The steps are research, development and implementation. She stresses the need to be informed ab... READ MORE

A Primer for Developing a Community-Based Restorative Justice Model.

Source: (1997) Stevens Square Community Organization (Minneapolis, Minnesota).This brief outline is intended to cover the basic steps involved in building a community-based model of restorative justice. Neighborhood organizations or similar groups... READ MORE