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Restorative Practices in Schools: Far-Reaching Implications

Source: (2007) In Gabrielle Maxwell and James H. Liu, ed., Restorative Justice and Practices in New Zealand: Towards a Restorative Society. Wellington, NZ: Institute of Policy Studies, Pp. 199-213."The values and principles of restorative justice ... READ MORE

Restorative Practices for Schools, A Resource: Human Development and Counselling Monograph 1

Source: (2003) The School of Education, University of WaikatoThis booklet has been prepared for the use of a range of educational professionals who are interested in introducing restorative practices in their school. The materials were originally ... READ MORE

Restorative practices in schools: Far-reaching implications.

Source: (2005) Presentation to the VUW Institute of Policy Studies Symposium: Towards a Restorative Society, October 10-11 2005.The use of certain practices derived from restorative justice has recently been gaining popularity and inciting keen i... READ MORE

Discipline meets care: Restorative practices in schools

Source: (2004) Paper presented at "New Frontiers in Restorative Justice: Advancing Theory and Practice", Centre for Justice and Peace Development, Massey University at Albany, New Zealand, 2-5 December.In 1999 the New Zealand Ministry of Education... READ MORE