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Aboriginal Notions of Justice: Questioning Relationships of Force.

Source: (2005) In Wanda D. McCaslin, ed., Justice as Healing: Indigenous Ways. Writings on Community Peacemaking and Restorative Justice from the Native Law Centre. St. Paul, MN: Living Justice Press. Pp. 61-64.That relationships of force produce ... READ MORE

Tough on Kids: Rethinking Approaches to Youth Justice

Source: (2003) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Purich Publishing.In this book, the authors analyse theories behind youth justice, and how these are reflected in Canadian legislation: the former Juvenile Delinquents Act and Young Offenders Act, and the ne... READ MORE

Selections from Justice in Aboriginal communities: Sentencing alternatives

Source: (1998) Saskatoon, Canada: Purich Publishing. Downloaded 2 September 2004.These online materials consist of selections from a book on Aboriginal communities in relation to the Canadian justice system. The book is Justice in Aboriginal Commu... READ MORE

Justice in Aboriginal Communities: Sentencing Alternatives

Source: (1998) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Purich Press, 1998.Canada's criminal justice system has had a troubled relationship with Aboriginal People. This discord can be seen in disproportionally high rates of Aboriginal incarceration and in the lim... READ MORE

Aboriginal People and the Canadian Justice System

Source: (1998) Justice as Healing 3 (4).The author states that the purpose of a justice system in an Aboriginal society is to restore peace and equilibrium within the community, and to reconcile the accused with his or her own conscience and with ... READ MORE