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The Circle Process: A Path for Restorative Dialogue.

Source: (2005) Center for Restorative Justice & Peacemaking, School of Social Work, University of Minnesota. Saint Paul, Minnesota: University of Minnesota.The article acts as a complete “field guide” to conducting circles. An overview of the... READ MORE

Points to remember: engaging faith communities in restorative justice

Source: (2009) St. Paul: Minnesota Department of Corrections.Many of us assume that communities of faith will resonate quite naturally with the principles and applications of restorative justice. Concepts of reconciliation, peacemaking, healing, f... READ MORE

Restorative justice and the dynamics of faith.

Source: (2001) Clergy Journal. April. Downloaded 14 September 2005.The theological enterprise is always at risk of remaining theoretical, artful, and inspiring, yet ultimately insipid if not brought to life in the concrete. We live and work in co... READ MORE

Restorative Responses: From Vision to Action.

Source: (2001) Clergy Journal. April. PP. 6-9.In this article, Jean Greenwood – a Presbyterian minister in Minnesota, mediator for the State of Minnesota, and community faculty member in social work at the University of Minnesota – explores th... READ MORE