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Restorative justice in prisons

Source: (-0001) Contemporary Justice Review. 12(4): 433-448Restorative Justice (RJ) has found significant utility outside the prison setting. For many reasons, it has not received the same level of consideration inside the institution...Although ... READ MORE

Restorative Final Warnings: Policy and Practice

Source: (2006) The Howard Journal. 45(2): 129-140.This article explores the diversionary measure of restorative final warnings within the context of the youth justice system. We examine the philosophy and rationale of the new era in cautioning an... READ MORE

Restorative Justice and Three Individual Theories of Crime

Source: (2005) Internet Journal of Criminology, www.internetjournalofcriminology.com. Downloaded 18 May 2005.The conceptual relationship between restorative justice and punishment has already attracted a great deal of attention in the literature.... READ MORE