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Using Criminal Punishment to Serve Both Victim and Social Needs.

Source: (2009) Law and Contemporary Problems. 72(2):200-217.In this article we propose changing the manner in which control rights over criminal sanctions are distributed. This modest change has the potential to increase victim well-being withou... READ MORE

Victims and Prison Release: A Modest Proposal.

Source: (2006) Federal Sentencing Reporter. 19:130-Given what is contained in this Essay, I feel compelled to start with a disclaimer regarding what this Essay is not about. It is not a disguised attempt to either lengthen or shorten prison terms... READ MORE

Victim Participation in the Criminal Process.

Source: (2005) Journal of Law and Policy. 13: 229-247.In general, victims have been largely ignored in the legal academy, despite their inescapable presence for crime and consequent legal proceedings. Only recently, notes Erin Ann O’Hara, has cr... READ MORE