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Reoffending Analysis for Restorative Justice Cases: 2008 and 2009.

Source: (2011) Ministry of Justice.Restorative justice is a process for resolving crime that focuses on redressing the harm done to victims, while holding offenders to account. In the New Zealand criminal justice system, restorative justice is pri... READ MORE

Restorative Justice: The Public Submissions

Source: (1998) Wellington, New Zealand: Ministry of Justice. Downloaded 1 February 2005.This document is an analysis of submissions received by the Ministry on restorative justice. The analysis identifies key themes and responses to specific issue... READ MORE

Budget 2000: $550 Million New Funding for Law and Order

Source: (2000) Justice Matters. 9(June):1-3, 20.The combination of new initiatives and baseline adjustments for the justice sector totals $550 million across 4 years. Added funding will strengthen victim education, court services for victims, and ... READ MORE