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Wounds That Do Not Bind: Victim-Based Perspectives on the Death Penalty

Source: (2006) Durham, North Carolina: Carolina Academic PressThis volume presents perspectives of murder victims' family members, academics, and crime victims' advocates regarding an intensely debated issue about which surprisingly little informa... READ MORE

Community Justice in the Campus Setting.

Source: (2002) Conflict Management in Higher Education Report. 3(1), October. Campus Conflict Resolution Resources Project, Wayne State University, Michigan. Downloaded 5 December 2005.In a review of college judicial affairs practices, Dannells (... READ MORE

Does Community Justice Work?

Source: (2003) Crime and Justice International. 19(73): 21-24.Community justice principles of crime prevention, in conjunction with reparations, offer great hopes of securing peace and justice, and rendering community satisfaction. This article at... READ MORE

Vermont Reparative Probation: Year 2000 Outcome Evaluation. Final Report.

Source: (2002) Saratoga Springs, NY : Skidmore College, Department of Sociology. 14 February 2003.The Vermont Department of Corrections Reparative Probation Program began in 1995. Since then hundreds of community board programs have been launched ... READ MORE