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The Shaming of Sexual Offenders

Source: (2007) North America; Hart Publishing"This book examines the controversy of whether restorative justice can be applied to child sexual abuse as one of the most intractable of contemporary societal problems, and if so, what special consider... READ MORE

Managing Risk: From Regulation to the Reintegration of Sexual Offenders.

Source: (2006) Criminology and Criminal Justice. 6 (2):197-218.It has been demonstrated that the current concern with managing sex offenders in the community can be located within an overall retributive regulatory framework. However, it is recogni... READ MORE

The Use of 'Shame' With Sexual Offenders

Source: (2005) British Journal of Criminology. 45: 373-394.This article explores the use of shaming mechanisms with sexual offenders, particularly those who offend against children. Shaming -- a central concept in the broader theory of restorative... READ MORE