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Youth justice in Western Australia.

Source: (2009) Prepared for the Commissioner for Children and Young People WA.The aim of this paper is to advance debate about the future of youth justice in Western Australia. The focus is on how we can improve outcomes for the small number of ch... READ MORE

Crime, Aboriginality and the Decolonisation of Justice

Source: (2008) Sydney, Australia: Hawkins Press."Crime, Aboriginality and the Decolonisation of Justice explores contemporary strategies which might diminish the extraordinary levels of imprisonment and victimisation suffered by Aboriginal people ... READ MORE

"Does Mediation Work in Practice?"

Source: (1985) Probation Journal. 32:135-138.NAPO opposes the diversion of existing probation resources to the development of reparation schemes, believing that it is of marginal importance to the criminal justice system and the treatment of off... READ MORE

Aboriginal Customary Law in Western Australia

Source: (2002) Reform. 80: 11-15. Downloaded 29 April 2004.As the authors of this article note, in 1986 the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) published a significant report entitled The Recognition of Aboriginal Customary Laws. Since then mu... READ MORE

Aboriginal family and youth violence.

Source: (1999) Crawley, Western Australia: University of Western Australia, Crime Research Centre.Focusing on family and youth violence among aboriginal people, Blagg bases this paper on research and policy development projects in Western Australi... READ MORE