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"The Government of Youth:Disorder and Dependence?"

Source: (2000) Social & Legal Studies. 9(3):347-366.This article is concerned with the Crime and Disorder Act, introduced by the Labour government in England & Wales. The Act’s central aim is the reduction of crime and disorder within local com... READ MORE

Cultured Punishments: The Promise of Grid Group Theory

Source: (2002) Theoretical Criminology. 6(4): 411-431.Increasingly, criminologists have made reference to Mary Douglas’s writings on risk. Less frequently is it noted that Douglas’s work on risk is dependent upon a more fundamental classificat... READ MORE

Toward a model penal system

Source: (2001) Dublin: Irish Penal Reform Trust.The Irish Penal Reform Trust commissioned an inquiry with two chief aims: (1) identification of the deficits of the Irish penal system; and (2) formulation of how a model penal system might be achiev... READ MORE