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Lay Participation in the Netherlands Criminal Law System

Source: (2003) Presented at the 17th International Conference for the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law, The Hague, Netherlands.While highly professional by nature, the Dutch criminal justice system seeks methods to bridge the g... READ MORE

Lay elements in the criminal justice system of the Netherlands

Source: (2008) In Joanna Shapland, ed., Justice, Community and Civil Society: A contested terrain. Devon, UK: Willan Publishing. Pp. 107-124."...This chapter pays attention to typical features of the Dutch legal system. Among the programmes undert... READ MORE

Crime, Victims, and Justice. Essays on Principles and Practice

Source: (2004) Hampshire, England and Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing.This collection of essays has its origins in a conference called "Restorative Justice: Criminal Justice for Victims?" The conference was held in Amsterdam on 1 December 2000.... READ MORE

Restorative Justice and Compensation of Non-Material Damages

Source: (2001) In, Brian Williams (ed.), Reparation And Victim-Focused Social Work (pp 34-44). London, UK: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.This paper discusses compensation of non-material damages suffered by victims of crime. A comparison is made bet... READ MORE

Victims’ wishes for compensation: The immaterial aspect

Source: (1999) Journal of Criminal Justice 27 (no. 3): 239-247.Malsch and Carriere observe that victims have various expectations of the criminal justice system. These expectations relate to both the process of the system and the outcome of the tr... READ MORE