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Comparative Youth Justice.

Source: (2006) London: Sage Publications Ltd.There is a widespread assumption that juvenile justice policies around the world are becoming increasingly punitive and less concerned with the protection and education of young offenders. While an exam... READ MORE

England and Wales: The New Correctionalism.

Source: (2006) . In, John Muncie and Barry Goldson, eds., Comparative Youth Justice, London: Sage Publications. PP. 34-47.The authors focus their analysis on two main developments in juvenile justice reform: (1) the targeting of noncriminal behavi... READ MORE

Reconfigured 'justice': reconstructed childhood

Source: (2001) The Howard League Magazine 19 (November): 5.In this essay, Barry Goldson maintains that the government in England has, since 1997, radically transformed the youth justice system. From his perspective, he finds the developments deepl... READ MORE