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Restorative justice and mediation

Source: (1996) European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research. 4(4): 7-130Abstract Unavailable READ MORE

Criminal justice conferencing calls for caution

Source: (1997) VOMA Quarterly 8 (Fall): 5, 6, 9.Understanding family group conferencing as a natural development from victim-offender mediation, Marshall sees great promise in conferencing. At the same time, he cautions that there are dangers as w... READ MORE

The evolution of restorative justice in Britain

Source: (1996) European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 4 (4): 21-43.In tracing the evolution of restorative justice in Britain, Marshall focuses on the development and application of practices, not theory. He maintains that this is how re... READ MORE

Restorative Justice on Trial in Britain

Source: (1992) In: H. Messmer and H.-U. Otto (eds.), Restorative Justice on Trial: Pitfalls and Potentials of Victim-Offender Mediation: International Research Perspectives. Dordrecht, NETH: Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 15-28.A Home Office stud... READ MORE

Victim Offender Mediation

Source: (1991) Research Bulletin U.K. Home Office. 30:9-15.The findings of Home Office research on victim-offender mediation (reparation schemes) are summarized. The main achievement of the schemes is a contribution to the 'humanization' of justic... READ MORE

Reparation, Conciliation and Mediation

Source: (1984) Research and Planning Unit Paper 27. London, UK: Home Office, 73p.The only previous survey of British reparation and mediation projects was conducted by the National Association of Victims Support Schemes in 1982. The subsequent gro... READ MORE

Crime and Accountability: Victim/Offender Mediation in Practice

Source: (1990) London, UK: Home Office, Her Majestyís Stationery Office, 271p.A report describes victim-offender mediation and reparation projects in the U.K. There are currently some 70 victim-offender reconciliation projects in North America, w... READ MORE

Grassroots Initiatives towards Restorative Justice: The New Paradigm?

Source: (1994) In: A. Duff, S. Marshall, R.E. Dobash, et. al. (eds.), Penal Theory and Practice: Tradition and Innovation in Criminal Justice. Fulbright Papers, volume 15. Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press, pp. 245-262This article descri... READ MORE