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"Youth Development and Reentry"

Source: (2004) Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice. 2(1): 3-20The transition of young people ages 24 and younger from juvenile and adult correctional settings back into schools, families, communities, and society at large—a process termed yout... READ MORE

Outside the Walls: A National Snapshot of Community-Based Prisoner Reentry Programs

Source: Reentry National Media Outreach Campaign. Malibu, CA: Outreach Extensions. Downloaded 25 January 2005.As part of the Reentry Campaign, the Urban Institute conducted a national scan of reentry programs that are addressing the needs and risk... READ MORE

But They All Come Back: Rethinking Prisoner Reentry

Source: (2000) Sentencing & Corrections. Issues for the 21st Century. Papers from the Executive Sessions On Sentencing and Corrections. No. 7Under current popular efforts to abolish parole, it has lost its effectiveness as reentry manager. At the ... READ MORE