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Twenty years of restorative justice in New Zealand.

Source: (2012) Web-only article associated with Tikkun. 27(1).New Zealand has run its entire youth justice system in a nonadversarial manner since 1989. It provides the world’s strongest example to date of how a national juvenile system can tran... READ MORE

The Crown v Junior Sami. Notes of Judge FWM McElrea on Sentencing.

Source: (2005) District Court at Auckland, New Zealand. 14 October. Downloaded 2 November 2005. These sentencing notes refer to a case of assault that went to a restorative process. The judge refers to the report from the process and its impact o... READ MORE

Restorative Justice - A New Zealand Perspective.

Source: (2002) Paper presented at the conference, Modernising Criminal Justice - New World Challenges, London, 16-20 June. Downloaded 2 November 2005. Fred McElrea has been a judge in New Zealand for many years. From his experience, he advocates ... READ MORE

Accountability in the Community: Taking Responsibility for Offending.

Source: (1995) Paper prepared for the Legal Research Foundation's Conference, Re-thinking Criminal Justice: a Conference on New Initiatives in Criminal Justice, 12 and 13 May, Auckland, New Zealand. Downloaded 2 November 2005. In Fred McElrea&rsq... READ MORE

Address to Senior School Prizegiving – Kristen School.

Source: (2000) Address at Kristen School (New Zealand). 17 November. Downloaded 2 November 2005. In this address to a school graduation, Judge McElrea uses anecdotes to describe the possibilities and elements of restorative processes. He address... READ MORE

Restorative Justice - A Peace Making Process.

Source: (1997) Paper presented at a LEADR International Conference, Perth, Australia, May. Judge McElrea discusses restorative justice, the processes usually associated with the paradigm, and similarities between restorative justice and ADR. READ MORE

“Win-Win" Solutions to School Conflict.

Source: (1997) Keynote address given at Contemporary Issues in Education Law: Strategies for Best Practice, Sydney, Australia, 7-9 July. Downloaded 2 November 2005. As a judge in the Auckland District Court in New Zealand, Fred McElrea addresses ... READ MORE

Justice in the Community: The New Zealand Experience.

Source: (1994) In Jonathan Burnside and Nicola Baker, eds., Relational Justice: Repairing the Breach. Winchester: Waterside Press. Chapter 7. Downloaded 2 November 2005. What is the prospect of public acceptance of such a model of criminal justic... READ MORE