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Prison readings: A critical introduction to prisons and imprisonment.

Source: (2006) Portland:Willan PUblishing.This book provides a comprehensive, critical introduction to the main debates and dilemmas associated with prisons and imprisonment, bringing together a selection of key readings on the subject. The readin... READ MORE

Handbook on prisons.

Source: (2007) Cullumpton, Devon: Willan Publishing.This Handbook provides a broad and wide-ranging account of prisons and imprisonment and represents one of the most ambitious books on the subject yet published. It aims to convey the reality of i... READ MORE

Dictionary of Prisons and Punishment

Source: (-0001) Devon, UK: Willian Publishing."The Dictionary of Prisons and Punishment is the first book of its kind in two important respects. Not only does it represent the first definitive cataloguing of key terms, concepts, theoretical approa... READ MORE