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Community-Based Peacebuilding: A Case Study in Northern Ireland.

Source: (2008) The Journal of the Institute of Justice & International Studies. Papers from the February 2008 Conference: Terrorism & Justice — The Balance for Civil Liberties. 8:38-54Drawing upon a careful assessment of community efforts to red... READ MORE

A Restorative Framework for Community Justice Practice

Source: (2003) In, Kieran McEvoy and Tim Newburn,eds., Criminology, Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice. Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK and New York, NY: Palgrave MacMillan. Pp. 135-152.Restorative justice has grown significantly in the past ... READ MORE

Taking Victims and Their Advocates Seriously: A Listening Project

Source: Harrisonburg,VA: Institute for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University.This report details the activities and outcomes of the Listening Project, a collaboration of professionals active in the victim community and the fiel... READ MORE

Fundamental Concepts of Restorative Justice

Source: (1998) Contemporary Justice Review. 1: 47-55. Reprinted in Restorative Justice. Declan Roche (2003), ed. Pp. 73-81. The International Library of Essays in Law & Legal Theory, Second Series. Aldershot, Hants, England: Dartmouth/Ashgate.As r... READ MORE

Restorative justice sign posts.

Source: (2001) Conciliation Quarterly 20 (3): 11.In this short collaborative piece, Harry Mika and Howard Zehr succinctly identify indicators to help people discern when they are working toward restorative justice in responding to crime. Specific ... READ MORE