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Restorative Justice: The Empowerment Model

Source: (2003) Sydney: Hawkins Press, 194p.In this book, Charles Barton combines his own analytical and practical experience in examining and promoting an empowerment model or paradigm of restorative justice. As an academic, his training and work ... READ MORE

Empowerment and Retribution in Criminal and Restorative Justice

Source: (2001) Victim Offender Mediation Association. 15/October 2002.http://www.voma.org/docs/barton_emp&re.pdfContrary to the implied suggestion in many restorative justice critiques of the status quo, the chief strength of restorative justice ... READ MORE

Theories of Restorative Justice

Source: (2000) Australian Journal of Professional and Applied Ethics. 2(1): 41-53The growing prominence of restorative justice interventions necessitates a reconceptualization of criminal justice in terms of a new paradigm. The most plausible cand... READ MORE

Restorative Justice Empowerment.

Source: (2000) Paper presented at Just Peace? Peace Making and Peace Building for the New Millennium. Albany , Auckland. New Zealand. April 24-28, 2000.With the growing prominence of restorative justice interventions, criminal justice is being rec... READ MORE

Empowerment and retribution in criminal justice.

Source: (2000) In Restorative justice: Philosophy to practice, ed. Heather Strang and John Braithwaite, 55-76. Burlington, Vermont, U.S.: Ashgate Publishing Company.Barton asserts that punishment and retribution cannot be ruled out categorically b... READ MORE

Restorative Justice Conferencing and the Ethic of Care

Source: (1999) Ethics and Justice: An interdisciplinary public affairs journal. 2 (2).Restorative Justice Conferencing is a relatively new response to wrongdoing and crime. In a restorative justice conference offenders meet their victims in the c... READ MORE