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Repairing family law.

Source: (2008) Duke Law Journal. 57(5): 1245-1319.Scholars in the burgeoning field of law and emotion have paid surprisingly little attention to family law. This gap is unfortunate because law and emotion has the potential to bring great insights... READ MORE

Missing Parents

Source: (2008) Family Law Quarterly, vol. 42: 131-145The article centers on the interplay between the state and the parent in child welfare cases, positing that the relationship between the two is generally adversarial because of mismanagement on ... READ MORE

Rights Myopia in Child Welfare

Source: (2006) UCLA Law Review 53:637.To this end, in lieu of a rights-based model, I argue that a problem-solving model would better serve the goals of the child welfare system. In this new model, the substantive goals of the child welfare syst... READ MORE