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Youth Justice in New Zealand

Source: (2004) Crime and Justice. 31: 243-292.The Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act 1989 incorporated family group conferences into New Zealand's youth justice system. Though not premised on restorative justice ideas, New Zealand's sy... READ MORE

Revisiting reintegrative shaming.

Source: (2001) Criminology – Aotearoa/New Zealand September (no. 16): 10-12.In this article, Morris looks again at John Braithwaite's theory of reintegrative shaming. This includes sketching five key areas of his theory, acknowledging concerns a... READ MORE

"Reforming Criminal Justice: The Potential of Restorative Justice."

Source: (2001) In, Heather Strang and John Braithwaite, eds., Restorative Justice: Philosophy and Practice. Dartmouth: Ashgate. Pp. 11-31.Morris and Young contrast the conventional criminal justice system with the possibilities of a restorative ju... READ MORE