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Alternative sentencing in South Africa: an update.

Source: (2005) In Traggy Maepa, ed., Beyond Retribution: Prospects for Restorative Justice in South Africa. Monograph no. 111, February. Pretoria, South Africa: Institute for Security Studies, with the Restorative Justice Centre. Downloaded 9 Augu... READ MORE

After prison: The case for offender reintegration

Source: (2001) Monograph no. 52. Preface by Antoinette Louw. Pretoria, South Africa: Institute for Security Studies. Downloaded 3 September 2004.Lukas Muntingh begins with the observation that insufficient attention has been paid to the issue of o... READ MORE

Alliance for Crime Prevention Position Paper on Corrections

Source: (2003) South Africa: Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation. Downloaded 21 May 2004.The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) and what is known as "social cr... READ MORE

Tackling Recidivism-What is needed for successful offender reintegration

Source: (2002) Track Two. 11(2). Centre for Conflict Resolution. Downloaded 12 December 2003.According to Lukas Muntingh, many things have been called offender reintegration but few initiatives can truly claim success in reintegrating offenders in... READ MORE

The effectiveness of diversion programmes- a longitudinal evaluation of cases.

Source: (1998) Cape Town: South African National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of OffendersDiversion programs were established in South Africa on a fairly informal basis in the early 1990s by the National Institute for Crime... READ MORE

"The development of diversion options for young offenders. "

Source: (1997) In Policing the transformation: Further issues in South Africa’s crime debate. Monograph no. 12 (April). Pretoria, South Africa: Institute for Security Studies.In this paper Muntingh focuses on diversion as a cornerstone for a fut... READ MORE