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Christian critiques of the penal system.

Source: (2012) Christian Reflection. Prison. pp. 84-88.As public policies exclude more and more people from community life through incarceration, it is often asked, “Does the criminal justice system work?” The four books reviewed here propo... READ MORE

Real People, Real Stories: Victims Face Fear and Find Healing in Prison.

Source: (2007) Restorative Justice Online. October 2007 Edition.The Sycamore Tree Project® (STP) brings indirect victims and offenders together for a series of in-prison meetings to discuss crime and its impact. Recently, the Australian Broadcast... READ MORE

Video Review: Facing the Demons

Source: (-0001) Restorative Justice Online February 2008 EditionFacing the Demons is the story of a restorative conference held in a murder case READ MORE

Lesotho Explores Restorative Justice in Draft Bill.

Source: (2008) Restorative Justice Online. August 2008 Edition.The Attorney General’s office of Lesotho is reviewing the draft Children’s Protection and Welfare Bill (CPWB) that will be debated when parliament resumes session. Addressing all a... READ MORE

Video Review: Glimmer of Hope.

Source: (2006) Restorative Justice Online. July 2006 Edition.Glimmer of Hope follows the journey of healing for one family after the rape and murder of their 18 year old daughter and sister. READ MORE

New Graduate Degree Programme in Restorative Justice.

Source: (2006) Restorative Justice Online. August 2006 Edition.In June 2006, the International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRP) received authorisation to grant graduate degrees in the area of restorative justice. The programme will offer ... READ MORE