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Empathy and Restoration

Source: (2006) In, Dennis Sullivan and Larry Tifft editors, "Handbook of Restorative Justice" A Global Perspective. London and New York: Routledge. Taylor & Francis Group pp.188-197Empathy is the feeling and awareness people have when they transfo... READ MORE

Making peace with shame

Source: (2000) The Red Feather Journal of Postmodern Criminology 8. Downloaded 2 June 2004.Shame and shaming are much discussed in certain circles as potentially constituting a restorative approach to addressing offending behavior and reintegratin... READ MORE

Shame and punishment, democracy and anger

Source: (2000) The Red Feather Journal of Postmodern Criminology 8. Downloaded 2 June 2004.Hal Pepinsky grapples with the questions why we in the United States are so punitive in our war on crime and how we can transform that punitiveness into pea... READ MORE

"Distilling Love and Inclusion."

Source: (2000) Contemporary Justice Review. 3(4):479.Focuses on the response of the author to the addresses on restorative justice in the Justice Studies Association 2nd Conference. Basis for evaluation of responses to violence and Conflict; Precl... READ MORE

"Issues of Citizen Involvement in Policing."

Source: (1989) Crime & Delinquency 35(3):458-470.Citizens ask 4 things of police: to relieve fear and risk of crime, manage disputes, provide services and be accountable. The meeting of each of these objects is modeled as a subsystem of police-cit... READ MORE

The Geometry of Violence and Democracy.

Source: (1991) Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 160p.A theoretical essay radically reconceptualizes the crime problem, shifting the emphasis from how offenders behave to how people's motives interact and from a distinct social problem to... READ MORE

Criminology as Peacemaking.

Source: (1991) Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 350p.An anthology includes 20 essays and reviews on the emerging criminology of peacemaking. The peacemaking perspective seeks to alleviate suffering and thereby reduce crime. Peacemaking c... READ MORE