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RJ in Action - Bringing it to the Heart of Whitehall.

Source: (2005) Resolution: News from the Restorative Justice Consortium. Summer. 19: 3. Downloaded 15 September 2005.Bringing home to policy-makers and opinion-formers what Restorative Justice actually is – how it works, the emotional power it c... READ MORE

Working Together for A Common Goal: The Need for a Restorative Justice Campaign.

Source: (-0001) Restorative Justice Online. Washington, DC: Centre for Justice and Reconciliation at Prison Fellowship International. Downloaded 11 August 2005.Sir Charles addresses the need for a problem statement that speaks not only to restorat... READ MORE

From Problem-Solving Policing to Problem-Solving Justice

Source: (1997) Paper presented at Dawn or Dusk in Sentencing, La détermination de la peine : une réforme pour hier ou pour demain, April 24-26, Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice. Pp. 113-142. Downloaded 24 May 2005.Many police... READ MORE

Restorative Justice, Problem-Solving and Community Policing

Source: (2002) In Restorative Justice and its Relation to the Criminal Justice System: Papers from the second conference of the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice, Oostende, Belgium, 10-12 October. Pp. 8-14. Downl... READ MORE

Restorative justice: Justice of the future

Source: (2001) Paper presented at the Restorative and Community Justice: Inspiring the Future conference, held in Winchester, England, 28-31 March.Sir Charles Pollard, Chief Constable of the Thames Valley Police, and a member of the Youth Justice ... READ MORE

Restorative Justice and the Media: Getting the Message Across

Source: (2003) Paper presented at 'Building a Global Alliance for Restorative Practices and Family Empowerment'. The Fourth International Conference on Conferencing, Circles and other Restorative Practices. 28-30 August 2003 Veldhoven, Netherlands... READ MORE

Scenarios for the Future

Source: (1999) In , Community Safety, Citizenship and Social Inclusion. Chilton, Buckinghamshire, UK: Thames Valley Partnership. Pp. 102-116. Downloaded 29 January 2004.Charles Pollard is Chief Constable for the Thames Valley Police and a trustee ... READ MORE

Prison-it's hurting, but is it working?

Source: (2002) RSA Transmission in Association with the Economist. Edited Transcript of the Event.This panel discussion, occurring 26 September 2002, involved an expert in crime reduction, an ex-offender, an expert in youth justice, and director g... READ MORE

Restorative Justice and Police Complaints

Source: (2000) Paper presented at The Second International Conference on Conferencing and Circles: Restorative Practice in Action. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 10-12 August 2000.Pollard, chief constable in the Thames Valley Police (United Kingdom), p... READ MORE