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Imagining Restorative Justice Beyond Recidivism.

Source: (2007) Journal of Offender Rehabilitation. 46(1/2):163-176.This article imagines what restorative justice might be and what it might accomplish, or fail to accomplish, if recidivism reduction were not an objective at all. In imagining a re... READ MORE

The Micropolitics of Victim–Offender Mediation.

Source: (2006) Social Inquiry. 76(3): 316-342.Victim–offender mediation is one of the most widely used practices of restorative justice encounter in the United States. We report findings from research on a victim– offender mediation program s... READ MORE

How Can Victim Offender Mediation Challenge Social Injustice?

Source: (2003) VOMA Connections no. 16 (Winter): 5. Downloaded 19 May 2004.As a nation, claims Lois Presser, the United States dedicates more attention and resources to crime than to other types of injustice. Yet crimes are the result of, and othe... READ MORE

Remorse and Neutralization Among Violent Male Offenders

Source: (2003) Justice Quarterly. 20(4): 802-825.Expression of remorse by an offender to his or her victim represents healing in the aftermath of a crime. Thus, it is important to consider what may influence or impede remorse. This article analyze... READ MORE

Restorative Justice and Offender Screening.

Source: (1999) Journal of Criminal Justice 27(4).A principal goal of restorative justice programs is to right the wrongs done to crime victims. Dialogue is the recommended mechanism to begin the process of righting wrongs, although it also involv... READ MORE