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Restorative Justice Speaking Tour in Argentina and Chile.

Source: (2006) Justice Connections: a joint publication of NAFCM, PRASI and VOMA. 2(Fall):8, 9.For two weeks this past May, I visited Argentina and Chile to speak about restorative justice at the request of each country’s Ministry of Justice. As... READ MORE

Restorative Justice Speaking Tour in Argentina and Chile.

Source: (2006) VORP Information and Resource Center.n May, 2006 I had the unique opportunity to spend two weeks on speaking tours of Argentina and Chile as a restorative justice expert. Initially, I was invited by the Argentine Ministry of Justice... READ MORE

Transformational law: New approaches expand choices in law practice

Source: (2004) Washington State Bar News (February).In this article, J. Kim Wright collaborates with Dolly Garlo and Marty Price to expand on an article she wrote a couple of years earlier on transformational law. The adversarial approach, the aut... READ MORE

The Mediation of a Drunk Driving Death: A Case Development Study

Source: (1998) Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution 1 (May).Victim-offender mediation programs often limit services to juvenile and property crimes. However, some programs are beginning to broaden their services to deal with adult offen... READ MORE

"Mediated Civil Compromise: A Tool for Restorative Justice."

Source: (-0001) Oregon Defense Attorney Journal.Price posits an instance of embezzling as an example of a case of an offense in which society has little or no need to exact retribution from the offender and, likewise, little or no need to punish f... READ MORE

Comparing Victim-Offender Mediation Program Models

Source: (1995) VOMA Quarterly 6 (1).This article discusses the characteristics of the most commonly used program models, looking at some of their advantages and disadvantages and reaching conclusions about the best uses for each. Although this art... READ MORE

A Victim-Offender Mediation Model of Neutrality

Source: (1996) VOMA Quarterly 7 (1).Neutrality, as we understand it in the vast majority of conflict resolution settings (civil settings, rather than criminal), requires that the mediator will not "agree" with either party in regard to the issues ... READ MORE

"Victim-Offender Mediation: The State of the Art."

Source: (1996) VOMA Quarterly 7 (3).Price sketches a history of victim-offender mediation from the 1970s (in Kitchener, Ontario) to the time of his writing. He points out that victim-offender mediation is not inherently restorative; it can be desi... READ MORE