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Alternatives to Prison: Options for an Insecure Society.

Source: (2004) Devon, UK and Portland OR: Willan PublishingFacing the consequences of a rapidly increasing prison population across Western society, the search for alternative approaches to punishment and dealing with offenders has become a priori... READ MORE

Community Service as Reintegration: Exploring the Potential

Source: (2004) IN, George Mair,ed., What Matters in Probation?. Cullompton, Devon,UK: Willan Publishing. Pp. 229-254.Community service for offenders has been practiced in England and Wales for some time now. It has been variously conceived as sim... READ MORE

Rethinking Community Punishment

Source: (2001) Relational Justice Bulletin. April (10): 4-5. Downloaded 15 May 2003.Sue Rex begins this article tracing developments in the last quarter century from the rehabilitative ideal to changing rationales for non-custodial penalties. Thos... READ MORE

Rapporteur's Report.

Source: (2002) In, Measuring the Impact of Imprisonment: papers from a roundtable held in London on 9 November 2001. London: International Centre for Prison Studies. Kings College. Pp. 9-15.In this paper, Sue Rex notes that participants in the rou... READ MORE