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"The Role of Crime Victims Under the Youth Crimminal Justice Act"

Source: (2003) Alberta Law Review. 40(4): 965-989.The author analyzes the role of victim involment in extrajudicial and judicial measures under the Youth Crimminal Justice Act and the overall direction of victim involvement and its possible impact... READ MORE

Broken Promises: A Response to Stenning and Roberts' "Empty Promises".

Source: (2002) Saskatchewan Law Review. 65: 1.In 2001 the Saskatchewan Law Review published an article by Philip Stenning and Julian Roberts entitled 'Empty promises: Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the sentencing of Aboriginal offenders.' Sten... READ MORE

Four Models of the Criminal Process

Source: (1999) Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. 89(2): 671-684.In recent decades, much thinking about criminal justice has been influenced by the construction of models. Models are useful tools for coping with the complexity of the crimina... READ MORE

"Gladue: The judicial and political reception of a promising decision."

Source: (2000) Canadian Journal of Criminology 42 (July): 355-388.In R. v. Gladue, the Canadian Supreme Court interpreted the Criminal Code’s requirement that judges consider alternative sentencing in light of the particular circumstances of abo... READ MORE