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Illustrative Review of Case-Studies of Practises of Healing Justice around the World.

Source: (2006) Paper presented to the 3rd Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Conference. University of the South Pacific, Suva. June 26-30.More and more groups are using the terminology of healing justice to describe local ways of responding to harms wh... READ MORE

“We Need Our Conflicts to Make Us Strong.”

Source: (2006) Justice Connections: a joint publication of NAFCM, PRASI and VOMA. 1(Summer):15-16.One of the fastest ways to make a people weak, so that they can be ruled over, is to steal their conflicts. This is often one of the first steps of ... READ MORE

The Long Horizon Of Identity and Change.

Source: (2006) Justice Connections: a joint publication of NAFCM, PRASI and VOMA. 2(Fall):15-16.The final part of this series on guideposts for peacebuilding practices that redefine unjust relations focuses on guideposts to help peacebuilding pr... READ MORE

Culture as Seedbed of Change

Source: (2006) Voma Connections. Spring 2006, Number 23. pp.7-8.: Although peacebuilding processes have become popular since the 1970s, the processes and principles have been a part of indigenous people far longer. However, there is a concern of... READ MORE

Justice that Heals and Transforms.

Source: (2005) VOMA Connections. Winter 2005-2006(22):8-9.This article presents three positive guideposts to help steer clear of barriers and maximize the benefits. The guideposts in this article aim to create space for a particular kind of h... READ MORE

Restorative Values: Where Means and Ends Converge

Source: (2003) Paper presented at the 6th International Conference On Restorative Justice. Vanucouver, British Columbia. June 1-4, 2003. Downloaded 17 September 2003.Many people speak of restorative justice as a values or principled-based movement... READ MORE

A shared JustPeace ethic: Uncovering restorative values.

Source: (2001) Conciliation Quarterly 20 (3): 2-4.Noting the rise of restorative justice as a fundamentally different alternative to the current criminal justice system, Sawatsky states that practice has generally preceded theory in this field. He... READ MORE

Worth reading.

Source: (2001) Conciliation Quarterly 20 (3): 12-13.Sawatsky, in this article, reviews Restorative Community Justice: Repairing Harm and Transforming Communities, edited by Gordon Bazemore and Mara Schiff, published in 2001. The first part of the ... READ MORE