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The Challenges Facing Non-State Justice Systems in Southern Africa: How do, and How Should Governments Respond?

Source: (2005) Paper presented at the confernece "Criminal Justice Consolidating Transformation. A New Decade. 7-8 February 2005.The structure of this paper starts, Firstly with an examination of the terminology used over the last 50 years when ta... READ MORE

Non-State Justice Systems in Southern Africa: How should Governments Respond?

Source: (2003) Paper delivered at workshop on "working with Non-State Justice Systems held at the Overseas Development Institute held 6-7 March. Institute of Development Studies. Downloaded 12 December 2003.As Wilfried Scharf remarks, non-state j... READ MORE

"Specialist Courts and Community Courts."

Source: (1997) University of Cape Town, Institute of Criminology. Position Paper, Commissioned by the Planning Unit, Ministry of Justice, South Africa.Schärf explains the functions of South Africa’s community courts (as distinct from those of t... READ MORE

"Re-integrating Militarised Youths (Street gangs and self-defence units) into the Mainstream in South Africa: From Hunters to Game-keepers?"

Source: (1997) Urban Childhood Conference, Trondheim, Norway. Session 4.3: Children Out of Place. University of Cape Town, Institute of Criminology.In this 1997 paper, Schärf details the history of gang activity and youth militarization in South ... READ MORE

Community Dispute Resolution Structures

Source: (1999) University of Cape Town. Institute of Criminology.Schärf questions the effectiveness and cultural compatibility of the western model of criminal justice. In this questioning, he points out the restorative aspects of the community d... READ MORE