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Policy manual for victim service programs in state correctional agencies.

Source: (2001) Association of State Correctional Administrators.In overview, the survey findings depict a hopeful beginning for the provision of victim services in departments of corrections. That 80 percent of the respondents to the survey have... READ MORE

Promising victim related practices in probation and parole.

Source: (2013) Washington, DC: Office of Justice Programs, Office for Victims of Crime.Probation and parole agencies are in a unique position to provide services to victims. First, probation and parole agencies have access to both general and off... READ MORE

Providing Victim Services Within a Restorative Justice Paradigm

Source: (2000) Corrections Management Quarterly. 4(3): 21-29.The incorporation of "victims" within the restorative justice paradigm, which balances the rights and needs of victims, offenders, and the community, has resulted in significant progress... READ MORE

National Victim Assistance Academy Textbook

Source: (2002) Washington, DC: Office for Victims of Crime (United States Department of Justice). Downloaded 3 September 2004.The NVAA curriculum emphasizes new developments in the field of victim assistance and several special topics, including ... READ MORE

Bringing honor to victims

Source: (2002) Beyond Just Us (Spring): 1-2. Special Crime Victims’ Rights Week issue. Denver, Colorado: Colorado Forum on Community and Restorative Justice. Downloaded 5 April 2004.Anne Seymour, a victim advocate, begins this article noting the... READ MORE

The Three R's of Reentry

Source: (2002) Washington, DC: Justice Solutions. Posted by Denver, Co: Forum on Restorative Community Justice. Downloaded 9 February 2004.Currently there is a significant amount of attention focused on the large number of offenders who are being ... READ MORE

A Community Response Manual: The Victim’s Role in Offender Reentry

Source: (2001) Lexington, KY: American Probation and Parole Assoc. Downloaded 22 October 2003.This manual presents strategies for involving community members and crime victims in partnerships that facilitate the successful re-entry of ex-inmates ... READ MORE

When Staff are Victimized

Source: (1997) Corrections Today. 59(7): 90.As Anne Seymour states, restorative justice aims to balance the interests and rights of victims, offenders, and the community. To the extent that “communityâ€? refers to the relationships and conn... READ MORE