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A Survey of 10 Years of New Zealand Court Cases on Restorative Justice

Source: (2005) Restorative Justice Online February 2006 Edition.This paper by Judge Stan Thorburn offers a brief account of the development of restorative justice in the Courts of New Zealand since it has been practised over the past 10 years. In ... READ MORE

Punishment and Sentencing: Courts and Community. A Question of Attitude.

Source: (-0001) Paper presented at the 4th New Zealand Christian Leaders Congress, May. Downloaded 11 August 2005.In our responses and attitudes as Christians to the problem of crime and the depravity of criminal behaviour and its perpetrators, w... READ MORE

Considering Restorative Interventions in Sentencing

Source: (2004) Restorative Justice Online. October 2004 Edition.New Zealand's Sentencing Act of 2002 incorporated restorative justice language in its sentencing provisions. Judges are now required to consider the results of a restorative process i... READ MORE

The Arrival of Restorative Justice in the Courts: A Brief Outline of the New Zealand Experience

Source: (2003) Paper Presented at 6th Symposium of Legal Argument in Honour of Fei Li Ming On Restorative Justice 16-17 December 2003. Nanjing, Republic of China.The paper is intended to provide a narrative about the emergence of Restorative Just... READ MORE

The Ministry of Reconciliation.

Source: (2003) Sermon given at St. George's Anglican Church, Epsom, Aukland, New Zealand. Posted on Restorative Justice Online.Judge Stan Thorburn offers this sermon on relationships and the importance of reconciliation. READ MORE

Restorative Justice: Some Biblical Perspectives.

Source: (2003) An address to a breakfast meeting during the PFI Convocation 2003 in Toronto Canada.Thorbun discusses the growing interest in restorative justice and the reasons policy makers are looking at such alternatives. He then turns to a dis... READ MORE

Prison: Is There Any Alternative. A New Zealand Snapshot.

Source: (2002) Papua New Guinea National Law and Justice Conference. 1-2 March.Judge S. A. Thorburn points to the rising numbers of offenders being sentenced to imprisonment in New Zealand in recent decades. Additionally, rates of re-offending are... READ MORE

R. v Clotworthy (unreported) T971545

Source: (1998) Auckland District Court, 24 April 1998This document presents the sentencing notes of Judge S. A. Thorburn of the District Court of Auckland (New Zealand) in the matter of the Queen v Patrick Dale Clotworthy. Mr. Clotworthy committed... READ MORE