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The promise of restorative justice in the search for truth after a violent conflict. Experiences from South Africa and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Source: (2006) Papers presented at the Fourth Conference of the European Forum for Restorative Justice, “Restorative justice: An agenda for Europe”, Barcelona, Spain, 15-17 June 2006.Truth-telling and truth-seeking efforts have gained an incre... READ MORE

Restoring Justice after Large-scale Violent Conflicts

Source: (2008) Devon, UK: Willan Publishing."The debate on Restorative Justice has been largely concerned with conventional crimes. But is it also relevant in the context of large-scale violence? To what extent are the 'UN Basic Principles on the ... READ MORE

Victim offender mediation: Looking for creative solutions

Source: (2001) Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada: University of Regina, School of Human Justice.In this paper Vanspauwen explores what he considers to be important themes or issues with respect to victim offender mediation. In this regard, he reviews t... READ MORE