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"Neighborhood benefits from victim offender mediation. "

Source: (2000) VORP News 18 (January): 1-2This article features an account of a mediation in a neighborhood to deal with graffiti vandalism. The account covers the particulars of the incident causing the dispute, the people involved (the victim, t... READ MORE

Bi-lingual mediation satisfies victims’ needs.

Source: (2001) VORP News 19 (January/February): 1-2.This article describes the process of a community justice conference to address an offense referred by the court to the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program. The offense consisted of breaking, ... READ MORE

How Do We Teach Kids That Crime Doesn't Pay, So They "Get It"?

Source: (2000) VORP News 18 (March): 1-2.In this article, three stories illustrate different problems or conflicts. One problem occurs between a mother and her son, and the other two occur in school settings (one is between elementary school stude... READ MORE