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Australia: Control, Containment or Empowerment?

Source: (2006) In, John Muncie and Barry Goldson, eds., Comparative Youth Justice, London: Sage Publications. PP. 96-110.This chapter presents a critical analysis of recent juvenile justice reforms in Australia. The main argument is that while the... READ MORE

Community Corrections and Restorative Justice.

Source: (2004) Current Issues in Criminal Justice. 16(1): 42-56.Rob White is a professor of sociology at the University of Tasmania. With publications in the areas of juvenile justice, criminology, and crime prevention, he is also involved in pris... READ MORE

Communities, Conferences and Restorative Social Justice

Source: (2003) Criminal Justice. 3(2): 139-160.This article discusses how community-building in Australia can be integrated into the practices of juvenile justice work, with attention to the need for conceptualizing juvenile delinquency prevention... READ MORE

Social Justice, Community Building, and Restorative Strategies

Source: (2000) Contemporary Justice Review 3(1): 55Discusses the relationship between restorative justice models and social justice. Process of marginalization and criminalization as these pertain to young offender; Social context for the rise an... READ MORE