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Restorative and Healing Justice in Aotearoa - a way forward for schools.

Source: (2008) New Zealand Edmund Rice Network Conference April 2008 OamaruThis paper is an attempt to encourage schools to examine their culture of conflict; and to seek out inspired leaders from school communities to develop principled models of... READ MORE

From Youth Justice to Adult Restorative Justice in New Zealand/Aotearoa

Source: (2003) University of Sydney Institute of Criminology, New South Wales, Australia. Downloaded 31 August 2004.Restorative Justice has been gathering momentum in New Zealand since 1989 when parliament enacted progressive legislation requiring... READ MORE

How Does Restorative Justice Ensure Good Practice?

Source: (2004) In, Howard Zehr and Barb Toews, eds., Critical Issues in Restorative Justice. Monsey, New York and Cullompton, Devon, UK: Criminal Justice Press and Willan Publishing. Pp. 265-271.Restorative justice in New Zealand grew out of diss... READ MORE

Adult Restorative Justice In New Zealand/ Aotearoa

Source: (2003) Paper presented at Building a Global Alliance for Restorative Practices and Family Empowerment, Fourth International Conference on Conferencing, Circles and other Restorative Practices, set for 28-30 August, 2003. Downloaded 11 Sept... READ MORE

Recent Restorative Justice Developments in New Zealand/Aotearoa.

Source: (2002) Paper presented at the International Bar Association Conference. Durban, South Africa. Downloaded 5 May 2003.In 1989 New Zealand enacted legislation requiring young offenders to attend family group conferences. This set in motion a ... READ MORE

New Zealand restorative justice practice manual.

Source: (2000) Auckland, New Zealand: Restorative Justice Trust.This extensive manual covers practices and procedures to be tested and revised through a restorative justice pilot program in New Zealand. It is intended to be a practical tool for fa... READ MORE