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Restorative justice and responsive regulation: The question of evidence.

Source: (2014) RegNet Research Paper No. 2014/51. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2514127 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.2514127.Restorative justice is a way of selecting strategies to respond to challenges like healing the hurts of... READ MORE

Restorative justice, policing and insurgency: Learning from Pakistan.

Source: (2014) Law & Society Review. 48(3):531-561.Pakistan state law and Taliban rule of Sharia law are at different ends of a politico-legal spectrum. They share advocacy of one system of law and attraction to eradication of alternatives. Musl... READ MORE

Hybridity in the Canadian craft of criminology.

Source: (2014) Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice. 56(4): 399-416.Canada is a distinctive and rich contributor to criminological thought. As in many things, it benefits both from its proximity to powerhouses of the discipline i... READ MORE

Ten responses to "Words on words."

Source: (2013) Restorative Justice: An International Journal. 1(1):20-22.Properly conceived, justice is a holistic concept that includes procedural justice, distributive justice, social justice, and restorative justice, alongside last resort to pu... READ MORE

Timing truth, reconciliation, and justice after war

Source: (2012) Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution Vol. 27:3Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TRCs),' particularly since the influence of Desmond Tutu's South African Commission,2 are increasingly used to discover and reveal past wrongd... READ MORE

The essence of responsive regulation.

Source: (2011) University of British Columbia Law Review. 44(3):475+Regulation that is responsive to the moves regulated actors make, to industry context and to the environment seems a complex task. The argument of this essay is that it is complex... READ MORE

Paradox and civic republican vision.

Source: (2012) Nevada Law Journal. 12:333-340.Jennifer Brown and Linda Wolf do a wonderfully incisive job of drawing out the promise of restorative attorney discipline.1 In this Comment, I focus more on the paradoxes described in their essay. I ... READ MORE

Meta-regulation of justice.

Source: (2005) RegNet Occasional Paper No 4. Canberra ACT: Regulatory Institutions Network Research School of Social Sciences Australian National University.Access to justice cannot be secured by more progressive law – legal aid, public interest... READ MORE