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Restorative justice responses to sexual assault.

Source: (2008) Applied Research Forum. Harrisburg,PA: National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women.A large international literature promotes restorative justice options as satisfying and empowering to crime victims. This paper exami... READ MORE

New Restorative Approach to Sex Crimes.

Source: (2006) Restorative Justice Online. July 2006 Edition.The RESTORE programme offers an alternative to conventional justice processes for victims of date and acquaintance rape. In this article, Mary P. Koss, principal investigator for the RES... READ MORE

Expanding a Community’s Justice Response to Sex Crimes Through Advocacy, Prosecutorial, and Public Health Collaboration: Introducing the RESTORE Program

Source: (2004) Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 19(12): 1435-1463.Problems in criminal justice system response to date-acquaintance rape and nonpenetration sexual offenses include (a) they are markers of a sexual offending career, yet are viewed... READ MORE

Restorative Justice For Sexual Violence

Source: (2003) Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 989: 384-396. Restore Program. Mel and Enid Zuckerman Arizona College of Public Health. Downloaded 23 October 2003.Problems in criminal justice system response to date and acquaintance rap... READ MORE